GK Hair Smoothing Treatment

What is GK Hair Smoothing Treatment?

Unparalledled Protection:

GK hair is the first and only company to use the benefits of Juvexin, which is applied to the hair in its natural state. Unlike hydrolyzed keratin, essential amino acids in Juvexin remain intact to restore and maintain the vitality of the hair. The long protein strands in Juvexin closely reflect the keratin structure of the hair itself. Juvexin is extracted from virgin wool through an environmentally friendly process.

Penetrates and Protects:

Juvexin found exclusively in GKhair products, is made of a special blend of proteins that have been optimized for hair. The Hair Smoothing System rejuvenates hair by repairing and providing lasting conditioning and maximum protection. Also, it retains hair’s natural properties by creating a protective layer that covers each hair strand restoring it from the inside out while protecting against harmful UV rays, pollution, chemical treatments and daily use of shampoo and styling products.

Ideal For All Hair Types:

The Hair Smoothing System with Juvexin is designed to reduce frizz, add shine and leave hair more manageable. It can be applied on ANY previous chemical treatment such as color, lightening, other straightening systems. On virgin hair, the results improve with each application.