You are unique, your own person! From the way you carry yourself to the clothes you wear, it’s all about cultivating your own personal tastes. At Corpo Bello Salon, we believe in you and your style and we want to help you present it to the world! We offer hair salon services as well as nail services to help our clients express their individual looks.

Our stylists are the the best in their profession, whether it’s with sculpting your hair, achieving your perfect color, or any other salon service. We have an eye for detail and the talent to create masterpieces. If you feel soft or whimsical, modern or edgy – Corpo Bello Salon will translate your vision into reality!

Our experienced hair stylists offer free consultations on how to properly enhance your look and showcase your beauty. Feel free to contact us any time for questions or advice on how to accentuate your look. If you need a touch up on your current ‘do or want to revitalize your whole look, we can always help.

It’s time for you to show the world what makes you you! Come to Corpo Bello Salon and we will reveal your unique style!

Hair Salon Services

Whether you need to accentuate your current ‘do or want to completely change your style, Corpo Bello Salon will help you turn your vision into reality. Our hair salon services include haircuts, shampoos, blow-outs, coloring, and more! Looking for perms or extensions? We have those too!

Our manicures and pedicures can brighten your day, as well as your hands and feet! Whether you want shellac manicures, or just a new color, our nail technicians can give you the nails you desire!

All prices vary by stylist.

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For our complete list of hair and nail services, please see below.

Hair Styling

Scissor Haircut $27

-w/style $35

Shampoo and Blow-Out

Short Hair $25

-w/Style $35

Long Hair $35

-w/Style $45

Clipper Haircut $18

Children’s Haircut $12

Formal Styling Starts at $60

Hair Color, Highlights & Lowlights

Hair Color:

Short Hair $65+

Medium Hair $75+

Long Hair $85+

Extra Long Hair $95+

Retouch only: starts at $55+


Partial Foil:

Short Hair $45+

Medium Hair $55+

Long Hair $65+

Full Foil:

Short/Medium Hair $75+

Long/Extra Long Hair $120+


Short Hair $65+

Medium Hair $80+

Long Hair $100+

Extra Long Hair $120+


Toner/Soap Cap $25+

Conditioning Treatments $25+

Shine/Gloss $40+

Color Correction: starts at $100/hour

Texture and Perms

Texture or Perms Starts at $65+

Specialty Wraps: start at $20+
(added to price of perm)

Note: Prices DO NOT include price of haircut or styling.


We offer many different styles of extensions, including vivid clip-in color pieces, and full-service extensions. We do suggest that you consult one of our stylists before scheduling an appointment.

Prices vary with services requested. Please call the salon (309.692.3400) to schedule your free consultation.

Nail Services

Manicures Start at $27

Pedicures Start at $38

Shellac Manicures Starts at $40

Note: Prices can vary with each nail technician.


Traditional Makeup Application $45

Airbrush Makeup Application $75

Faux Eyelashes Application $35



Licensed Cosmetologist


Licensed Cosmetologist


Licensed Massage Therapist


Licensed Cosmetologist


Licensed Cosmetologist


Licensed Cosmetologist


Licensed Cosmetologist


Licensed Cosmetologist


Licensed Nail Technician




Licensed Cosmetologist


Licensed Esthetician


Licensed Cosmetologist

Courtney J

Licensed Cosmetologist


Licensed Nail Technician


Licensed Cosmetologist


Licensed Esthetician

Courtney B

Licensed Cosmetologist


Licensed Esthetician